Danakos Village

Danakos Village

Danakos Spring Water

Danakos Spring Water

Village of Danakos - Naxos

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Have you seen this small village in the middle of the island on your way to Moutsouna beach and harbor.  Danakos has natural spring waters running through the canyon to the ocean.  The farmers use this water for their year round crops. The village is close to the Fotodotis Monastery and the cave of Mt. Zas.  The monastery and cave are visited by many tourists and tour groups.  To go to the cave and Danakos many tourists take the local bus which stops at Agia Marina bus stop and then you walk up the road to Agia Marina and then to the cave.  To go to the Monastery you take the road to the left from Agia Marina. If you are going to Danakos just continue with this road until you get to Danakos. The Agia Marina stop is also the bus stop for the village of Danakos.  Are you ready for a snack, lunch or dinner stop at Florakas Taverna, Stefanos and Yefiraki (bridge) Cafes in Danakos.   
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Are you interested in information to learn more about the village of Danakos, festival days, travelling to Naxos and the island of Naxos in general.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I'll inform you when it is ready for your next summer travels or for your reading pleasure.  The information will be based on my recent summer trip to Naxos.   The information will be as a PDF file and eBook.    Toula Tsafos
email:  mgt@greekislandnaxos.com
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Dimitris Tsafos (singer), & Mixalis Xalkos playing the violin in the village of Danakos. The songs they performed in August 2013 were written by Eirini Halkou (Halkorini).  A memorable evening honoring her life achievements in writing the lyrics to many of Parios' island songs.   Her house may now be visited in Danakos. A paperback about Eirini Halkou has been created, if interested call the Syllogos (from the states dial)
(from Athens dial  210-2132627.)
Dimitris & Mixalis

Dimitris & Mixalis


Creating a Local Public Library and Museum in Danakos.   Danakos is a greek village located on the island of Naxos, Greece.
     Efforts are being made to collect some money in order to complete the building in which the library and the local museum of Danakos will be settled.
     The library, with its collection, will open a window to national and international knowledge and information and will create jobs.
     People who are interested in this project can contact Matina Tsafou for more information via e-mail
We are very obliged for your support and looking forward to hear from you soon.
Matina Tsafou, President of PEDAN
Church, Naxos

Church, Naxos

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Greek Island Village - Danakos

Mountain Village

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